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1-About the Company

What is the King of the construction world (K.C.W) ?

King of the construction world (K.C.W) is a South African-based construction company. K.C.W has many blockyards in Eastern cape province. The main business of the company is manufacturing concrete Blocks, Stock bricks, Maxi bricks , Paving Bricks, and other Construction related materials.

Who manages the Fund?

K.C.W has a very skilled, expert & goal-focused team. All collected funds are segregated in different departments and managed by that team.

Where is the Head office of the Company located?
The company’s Head-office is in Queensdustria (Industry Area), Queenstown, Eastern Cape , South Africa.
Who is the owner of the company?
Muhammad Tariq Hassan Baloch is the Owner of the company. He is a chartered accountant (C.A) from Institute of chartered accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) . He has 13 years of experience in marketing & business.
What is the purpose of creating K.C.W?
K.C.W was founded in 2017 by Mr. Muhammad Tariq Hassan Baloch with a vision to revolutionise the investment industry in Pakistan & all over the world by means of modern wealth management capabilities by transparent investor relation.
Is KCW a high yield investment program (HYIP) ?
No, KCW believes in real generation/ income models. KCW’s business model is simple, transparent, and straightforward. The company generates profit/income from the manufacturing of concrete blocks and distributes 50% of its income with members in the form of R.O.I, referral commissions & promotions.

2-About Accounts

Who can open an account in KCW?
All individuals (from all over the world except Israel & India ) are allowed to open accounts in KCW. If you are a minor (age less than 18 years) then you can only join with the approval of your parents/guardians.
When will my account be approved?
Your account will be approved by the support team within 15 working days after sending the required document (National I.D card , Passport or Driving License)..
What can be the reasons if my account is not approved?

Account will not be approved if :
a) Required document picture is not clear.

  1. b) Account Holder name doesn’t match with the document.
  2. c) Desired document is expired.
Can I reset my password if I forgot it?

Yes, members can reset their password by clicking “forgot password” from the login page.

Can I change my Email attached with my kcw account?

Yes you can change your email address but for that you should send email to “Admin” requesting email change with appropriate reason. Normally it takes 5 working days or earlier.

Can I open several accounts ?

Yes you can open accounts as much as you want. There is no restriction on the hand of the KCW team.

3-Deposit issues

When will the deposited amount be credited in my KCW account?

Your Account will be updated/credited as soon as payment is received and verified by the Support team. Max time is 72 hours after payment.

How Can i pay / which method the company uses for deposits?

You can deposit through Banks , Inter bank Funds Transfer (IBFT) , Cheques , Bank drafts or Pay Order  etc.

Which currency do you accept?

We accept only Pak Rupees (PKR).

What is the minimum investment I can deposit ?

You Can enjoy your profits with the minimum investment as low as 5,000 Pkr.

3-Withdrawal issues

When can I withdraw my profits?

members can take withdrawal  from the 1st to 5th of every month.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

The minimum withdrawal limit is 3000 Pkr.

Which withdrawal method can I use?

You can take withdrawal in your bank accounts only.
If you are a “Meezan bank account holder”  then you will receive your withdrawal on a priority basis.


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